Annegret Ritter

Annegret Ritter studied Toy Design at the Academy of Art and Design Burg Giebichens- tein in Halle (then East Germany). She graduated with a Master's (Diploma) in Design, but her real love from an early age was book illustration. So when she moved to the West, and after a time of extensive travel she decided to give it a try. Since the early nineties, she has been an illustrator for children and adults both, for publishers and other companies.

Annegret lives in Marburg, a beautiful little medieval town (former home to the brothers Grimm, among others) but she very much loves to travel and always carries a sketchbook with her.

She works with fine liners, watercolour, gouache, coloured pencils and digitally, mixing wildly, and loves to draw funny, friendly characters and especially animals. Her latest children’s book, “Im Wald wird’s eng” is about animals who leave the too-crowded forest for the city. Annegret also works as a freelance teacher in a Youth Art School, teaching various subjects, e.g. Sewing, Paper Art, Drawing and Toy making.


Im Wald wird’s eng


Jacoby & Stuart (Publishing House) / kunstanstifter Verlag für Illustration / Societäts Verlag / DuMont Verlag / mare Magazine / Kaufmann Verlag / Mathematikum Gießen (Museum of Mathematics) / Marburg University Museum